Sauna culture is with deep roots

For centuries, sauna has been a place for physical and spiritual cleansing, for getting bare in all senses of the word and entering the core of humanity.

The ancestors of our region used their sauna for healing, the sauna was known as the poor man’s pharmacy or cure It was also the hospital where folk healers practiced their art. They administered baths and massaged people with the whisks, they cupped and cured with the spells and helped women to deliver babies.

Sauna was also a place for performing magic. The wise woman or man called previous generations to help for performing magic. The smell of herbs, darkness, moon and the wise people’s spells where the main tools of magic.

Also, sauna had a practical function. It was the first building and shelter when a farm was moved into a new location. The warmness and smoke of sauna was used for drying flax, cereals or herbs, preparing malts, smoking meat and for many other agricultural or domestic chores.

The tradition of the sauna, carried on unbroken for about two thousand years, is deeply rooted in the way of life in our region.