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Energia (Energy) Farm

  • Wood-heated stove sauna
  • Sauna with electric sauna heater

Vihi küla, 71402 Põhja-Sakala vald, Viljandimaa

Aivar Siim
Phone: +372 510 6193

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Situated on the edge of Soomaa, on the banks of the Navesti River, this recreation, seminar, sauna and accommodation facility is a real experience for those who want to enjoy a way of life close to nature, based on the traditional wisdom of our ancestors.

Energy Farm's eco-spa sauna complex is modern and is housed in the same building as the seminar centre.
The eco-spa features: changing room, washroom with a jacuzzi (up to 6 people), sauna with wood and electric heating (each for up to 8 people), lounge, cold-water barrel on the terrace for cooling off, and sun loungers for relaxing in the summer. It is possible to whisk in the wood heated sauna. Sauna guests can order: birch, lime, oak or juniper whisks.
Swimming in the Navesti River during ice-free periods. Sauana-goers will find towels and heat room seating mats in the changing room.
Herbal jacuzzi: we add an herbal extract, a herbal blend in a linen bag, into the bath to help you relax from the day's work and gather energy for the future. The herbs are ecologically grown at the Energy Farm.
Body treatments from ecologically grown herbs with clay and peat. Baths, wraps and massages support the natural and holistic functioning of the body. Everything used is natural and fresh, and prepared just for you, just before your treatment.
Treat yourself to a healing spa experience with a sauna master.

Wellbeing is complete and all senses experience positive energy, contentment and relaxation.

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