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Koplimadise Farm

  • Wood-heated stove sauna

Maeru küla, 76103 Lääne-Harju vald, Harjumaa

Raido Notton
Phone: +372 5621 6792

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For centuries, the sauna has been the doctor of the rural people. In the farm’s sauna house you can enjoy a sauna with an Estonian stove, a Finnish sauna and a cooling dip in the pond.

  • An Estonian sauna stove is massive, built of stones and is heated before going to the sauna until the stones are red. Then heating is stopped, the stove and the heat room are ventilated and the stove's damper is closed (as in a smoke sauna). To enjoy a wave of heat, the hatch of the stove is opened and water is thrown on the stove. The temperature in an Estonian sauna is between 60-80 degrees. There's a nice humid air in the heat room where you can sit for a long time and chat with friends. At the same time, the sweating is very intense. As the air has much better thermal conductivity with higher humidity, Estonian sauna has a profound warming effect.
  • With a Finnish sauna stove, the air in the sauna room is hot and dry, the stove is heated throughout the stay in sauna, and the temperature is between 70 and 100 degrees. The true pleasure of a sauna comes from the alternation of hot and cold environments – each session and whisking in the heat room is followed by a cooling dip in cold pond water, air or snow.

The sauna house can accommodate up to 20 people. Upstairs there are sleeping places for 15 people. Kitchen with fridge, stove, microwave, kitchenware.

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