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Mooska Smoke Sauna Farm

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Haanja küla, 65101 Rõuge vald, Võrumaa

Eda Veeroja
Phone: +372 503 2341

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Mooska Farm is located in Haanja, Võru County, at the foot of Vällamägi. We will introduce you to our farm and our smoke saunas, our smoke sauna heritage, we will offer you traditional food and meat smoked in the sauna, we will move and breathe together with nature.
A smoke sauna is a time for yourself! We heat the smoke sauna on the shore of the pond for 5-8 hours depending on the weather and the number of sauna-goers. Up to 8 people can sit on the sauna heat room bench at a time.
Relaxing, whisking, bathing and pampering yourself with the sauna honey in the peaceful atmosphere together with the hosts will cleanse your body and soul!
The quickest way to book a sauna day is HERE!
We will contact you before the sauna day to agree on the number of people and the start time.

Price: Smoke sauna heating 250€ - includes two whisks, hand-made soaps, sauna honey and herbal tea. For an extra fee you can get a juniper whisk, sauna towel, sauna hat, sauna robe, sitting towel, home-made beer ...

You can order meat smoked in the farmhouse sauna HERE!

Mooska Farm's packages "Sauna visit in Mooska's traditional Old-Võrumaa smoke sauna" and "Excursion introducing the intangible heritage of the Old-Võrumaa smoke sauna in Mooska Farm" have been recognised with the EHE (Genuine and Interesting Estonia) ecotourism quality label.

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