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  • Smoke sauna
  • Wood-heated stove sauna
  • Sauna with electric sauna heater
  • Indian sweat tent
  • Cave sauna
  • Heated hot tub

Saunamaa in Võru County is like a sauna village in its own right, offering a variety of different saunas to enjoy with their own charms and special features.

  • The cave sauna or earth sauna is built of natural building materials and follows centuries-old building traditions. The heat is strong, but at the same time damp, with a smell of smoke and soil. When leaving the sauna, we recommend jumping into the cold water tub for a proper sauna experience.
  • The Estonian sauna (built in 1967) is a more modern sauna, but certainly not with a worse heat. We recommend you enjoy the heat, using a birch whisk.
  • The Finnish sauna (built in 2004) is suitable for smaller groups.
  • The Indian sauna is a place for spiritual and bodily purification ceremonies. The sweat lodge is, according to some traditions, the oldest Native American ceremony, used by most tribes. In a dome-shaped tent, you sit side by side in a circle around a hole dug in the middle, into which you bring stones heated up in a campfire. A sweat lodge helps to release accumulated tension, to continue life with a cleaner and lighter feeling.
  • The hot tub with bubble system and LED lighting can accommodate 6-7 people at a time. The heating time of the tub is about 4 hours, depending on the desired water temperature. Hot tub is enjoyable in the summer, but the most special experience will be gained in the winter, amidst white snow and frost. The bubble system of the hot tub offers relaxation and the LED light is a colourful eye-catcher, especially in the evening. We guarantee that every party will find clean and fresh water in the tub.
  • Smoke sauna (built at the end of the 19th century) comes from Põltsamaa parish. There are 2 rooms in the smoke sauna, the anteroom and the heat room - each of them can accommodate 4-5 people. The sauna takes 4-6 hours to heat up and the sauna is really hot. The smoke sauna has a distinctive smoked meat smell, because in addition to enjoying the heat, we also use it for preparing smoked meat.
  • The walls of the plastic sauna are made of transparent double plastic and the roof is made of board. The sauna is shaded by bushes and trees for privacy. For convenience, an anteroom and a small terrace have also been built for the plastic sauna. Light is provided by pertroleum lamps. The sauna is heated using a Finnish sauna stove and the heat is humid and mild. The heat room bench can accommodate 3-4 people at a time.
  • The forest or war sauna was common between 1939 and 1945. The soldiers built the sauna mostly while waiting in the rear. The material was any log found in nature - uncleaned and unevenly sized, giving the sauna an unfinished look. The gaps between the beams were sealed with moss. A forest sauna also awaits you in Saunamaa.

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